Frequently asked Questions


 Is QuickGreen Lawn Feed & Tonic safe ?

 QuickGreen is safe. Non-toxic. Non poisonous and is not hazardous to pets or wildlife.

Can I use QuickGreen Lawn Feed & Tonic in the Winter months ?

QuickGreen can be applied anytime Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. QuickGreen will protect your lawn during summer from harmful UV rays and will protect from frost burn during the winter months.

How long will QuickGreen Lawn Feed & Tonic last ?

QuickGreen goes on providing nutrients all season. We recommend using QuickGreen twice a year.

How soon can I walk on and use the lawn after applying QuickGreen ?

Within 1 hour as long as the product is dry.

I noticed that I am not getting the maximum coverage of 200 square meters, why is this?

Coverage can be variable depending on a number of factors. Grass condition. Grass length. Cross winds. If the grass is in a very poor condition, two applications may be necessary. 

 When can I apply QuickGreen Triple Power Moss Killer MOSS KILLER?

It can be applied at any time of year, but for optimum results use between Autumn and Spring.

Is QuickGreen Triple Power Moss Killer Safe?

Yes. All QuickGreen products are safe and will not harm children, pets or wildlife.

How quickly will QuickGreen Triple Power Moss Killer work?

Once applied it starts working within 30 minutes. You will see the treated area start to change colour and darken, the area will gradually become blackened, at which point the moss is dead.


 How do I remove the black dead moss?

A few days after application, you can either rake or mow away the dead moss.


I have removed the moss. How do I stop the moss from coming back ?

QuickGreen Lawn Feed & Tonic, will prevent moss from returning to your lawn.

I have bald patches with no grass whatsoever on my lawn. Will lawn patch repair still work.

QuickGreen lawn patch repair will break down the excess Ammonia on the patch and premote regrowth, providing there is still root mass in the ground.


Will QuickGreen Instant Lawn Patch Repair harm my dog or children.

No. All our products are safe and will not harm wildlife, pets or children.


How long will it take for the new shoots of grass to appear and re-establish?

Once applied, QuickGreen Lawn Patch Repair will green the patch instantly. Dependant on weather conditions, new shoots will appear within a few days. 


After applying QuickGreen Instant Lawn Patch Repair, how long do we have to wait before we can use the lawn again?

Around thirty minutes to one hour depending on weather conditions, to allow product to dry.