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Non Toxic. Non Poisonous. Not harmful to pets or wildlife.


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QuickGreen is a small family business in Kent providing all of your lawn care needs.

Our range of lawn care products are non toxic and safe around children, pets and wildlife.

With the QuickGreen product range you get the results you desire the very moment you apply them.

Your grass benefits from  vast array of fine macro and micronutrients combined to enable your

grass to flourish with health and vitality all season- protecting from harmful UV rays and frost burn.

QuickGreen All-In-One Lawn Feed & Tonic.   An ultra effective bio-stimulant. The abundant and extensive blend of both macro and micronutrients, paired with soil improvers, combined with its accelerated green up properties make QuickGreen unique and more effective than any other lawn care product available today. From an unconditioned, malnourished, unhealthy lawn to a healthy nourished, rejuvenated lawn in 1 hour. Your newly rich green healthy grass is now in optimal condition to absorb both macro and micronutrients contained in QuickGreen. it will protect against the damage caused by excessive UV rays and will also deter frost burn during the winter months. This concentrated 1lt bottle makes 20lt of QuickGreen treatment. Also available in 500ml & 250ml bottles. Now in 5lt containers, email us for prices.

 QuickGreen Lawn Patch Repair Spray. The instant solution to the problems caused by pet and wildlife urine. Urine contains high concentrations of Ammonia which will burn grass, leach n to the soil and reach the root mass. in addition to urine damage QuickGreen Lawn Patch Repair will also solve accidental scalping damage caused by the mower. QuickGreen Lawn Patch Repair resolves this problem. Once applied it works by breaking down excess Ammonia and neutralising its harmful effects quickly, and goes on to improve the condition of the grass. Its accelerated green up properties provide complete clearance of the unwanted patch instantly.It goes on to feed he root mass, encouraging root recovery and repair and enables the grass to re-establish. The Iron (Fe) and Alginic acid get to work bringing on solid re-growth in double quick time.

QuickGreenn MOSS KILLER Triple Power. As moss takes hold it will eventually saturate the entire lawn. If left to remain it will continue to grow and flourish until it becomes a massive sponge, retaining water and preventing nutrients from reaching the grass.

A moss covered lawn is unsightly, unhealthy and difficult to mow and maintain.

QuickGreen Moss Killer destroys and kills moss in 2 hours, it will simultaneously feed and strengthen surrounding grass and green it up in the same process, while selectively targeting the moss, infusing it with iron and cutting off moisture and water supply. It penetrates deep in to the moss starving it of nutrients. A 1lt bottle containing 275g of dry crystals will make 20lt of QuickGreen triple power moss killer treatment.